Beyond Sedentary

Idea Competition Entry
In collaboration with: Xiuping Liu
Year 2018

A home is a construct of our most intimate relationship with objects housed within.
Of all furniture, chair proves to be one of the most functionally nimble edifice. A chair can serve as table or chair or an object of play such as hide and seek to a child; a ladder to climb on or just a piece of furniture to sit on. Our relationship with what was commonly known as a sedentary tool morphed with user’s physical variation. This house reconstructs our relationship with a singular object (chair) with a spectrum of scales. When the chair is enlarged architecturally, it’s function grows into a habitable room. Despite its scalar manipulation, the chair design maintains its visual familiarity. The upscaling parameters are studied and expanded based upon Le Corbusier’s modulor ratio. This upscaling process can potentially be manifested through the advent usage of Cement Polymer additive manufacturing.
That sense of curiosity and eagerness to pursue and demystify the unknown as a child within a house, now continues to grow as we mature physically. Beyond Sedentary is an invitation to challenge our maturity with home objects within and beyond the scale of our conceived functional familiarity.

11 Multi-scalar Functions
(a re-calibrated catalogue for domestic space making)

House Structure Manifestation

1st Storey Living Room

2nd Storey Master Bedroom

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