Yee Foo (Vincent) has always been fond of making and abstractions. Having traveled frequently between Malaysia and Singapore during his formative years, Yee Foo has grown to be an active observer and participator of their distinct racial and political landscape affecting the region's Architectural discourse. His research interests focus on methods of interpreting and structuring narratives to migrated ideas, materials, practices, people, etc. These underlying qualities are often embedded in every city's multi-faceted culture. He has diverse experiences working in leading international firms such as SOM (USA), OPEN Architecture (China), Vo Trong Nghia Architects (Vietnam) and Aedas (Singapore). 
Yee Foo received his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from National University of Singapore in 2017, conferred with AKZO Nobel Gold medal for best student in Architectural Design. In 2019, he earned his Masters of Architecture degree from University of California, Berkeley. 
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