Deployable office for tech company

Instructor: Neo Sei Hwa
Independent Project, Tectonics Studio
National University of Singapore
Year 3 Semester 2, 2016

New media companies possess a unique form of working rigour, constantly inventing and improving applications that feeds on the relentless cycle of social media. Social media is always changing and updating itself and this runs almost as parallel to the idea of deployable or flexible architecture. Instagram was chosen as protagonist in this project mainly because it is one of the commonly used application on smart phones and the relationship between the creators and public users can be potentially enchanced for the benefit of improving the application. Hence, giving rise to the idea of connecting people and the virtual environment through an appropriate agglomeration of intriguing architectural spaces and tectonics.
The project site is located along the fringe of central business district and residential zone in Newton area. Threshold of such polarities strategically creates a potential of gravitating public circulation through the site, connecting residents and office workers indefinitely, enriching the demographic on site. Majority of the office programmes hover across the site creating an extensive ground area for multi-purpose activites. Activities on ground area acts as ‘inspiration backdrop’ to the creators and programmers working above. 
In order to allow for easy deployability of each hovering office space, light-weight steel hexagon modules are secured onto 4-point mast structure with the aid of  steel cable system. The modules also possess the flexibility to be modified and multiplied  on site through asysmmetrical configuration according to the extent of Instagram’s growth and spatial necessity.
Postulating future Office Typology
With the advent introduction of biophilia and open plan design in working environment in recent years, it enhances the notion of sustainability and interaction within the office. However, instead of applying a one size fits all approach to the future office space, this project seeks to investigate into the organization and programme necessity to develop a unique strategy to define sustainability and interactive space of its own.
Site Overview & Agenda
Located at the central area of Singapore, Newton area is contiguous to central business district area. The given site marks one of the last building structure in the Newton zone. Site Agenda summarized, (bottom left) Greeneries Restoration, (bottom middle) Frequent Pedestrian Connectivity, (bottom right) Anchoring facilitator of Urban Markers.
Site Zoning
The site serves as connection to the relentless flow of pedestrian crossing between residential zones, public transport amenities (Mrt & bus stops) and office buildings throughout the day. The main strategy is to clearly define the zones of respite towards back of site, office spine on the periphery and open public space in accordance to current condition shaped by surrounding infrastructures and elements. While to create a comfortable introspective environment, permanent office corridor spine posits as a means of enclosure to the internal courtyard.
Programme Distribution
The core programmes (offices, conference rooms, library and administrative spaces) are distributed in radial arrangement. Gravitating towards the center holds a multi-purpose hall and Instagram exhibition within the realm of public space. Such configuration enables the possibility for aerial observation of public activities serving as backdrop or inspiration for the programmers’ on daily basis. 

Overall Configuration
Office circulation occurs mainly on the periphery and office spaces hovering above the plaza allowing for observation onto public circulation happening within the condition-making boundary below.
Tectonics Massing Experimentation
The process of deriving a modular system was initiated by the basic geometry of cube. The cube is then subtracted by angular cuts coupled with the various methods of stacking to enhance the degree of vertical spatial connection visually and physically. Further development of the module incorporate pivoting joints for ease of dismantling and assembling.
Tectonics Circulation
Angular undulating surfaces are designed to maintain a continuous visual and spatial connection between levels, allowing users for exploration through multiple floors indeterminately. The modules are able to multiply 90 degree vertically and diagonally 45 degree in elevation.

Sectional Perspective across open plaza

Ground condition making spaces below programmer’s offices

Open Plaza

Aerial Observation
Hovering position and angular tectonics of each programmers’ office module enabled a degree of observation over ground floor open plaza. Each suspended module is latched onto 4-point steel mast structure, reinforced with steel cable.

creators’ and programmers’ office space

Construction Diagram

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