Amorphous Reconstruct
Revolutionary edifice should arise from the very structure that was initially employed to protect against war disaster, the vertical bomb shelter. 
Skepticism on workability of such vertigo filled the minds of inhabitants. Now, it has become the fundamental core for new life. Apocalypse of war, a state of immense confusion, shall allow intuition to take precedence over logical construction. 

Agenda Agenda Agenda ..

Relentless evening pedestrian flow of office workers outside Mac Pherson train station, Singapore. All seemed to have specific agenda commanding their limbs. Fluidity of pedestrian paths so predictable, probably rushing to back their abode. Pale black signifies existing building footprints or constant as you might perceive. The pedestrian flow can be perceived as relentless stream of water, streaming through voids. Here, convergence and divergence  springs to life.


​​​​​​​Ho Chi Minh City Urban Processes

Scarcity of parks and leisure pockets in dense Ho Chi Minh City might one day be re-invigorated by urban planners. Imagine the sprawl of green, lurking at every street corners.

Resisting Centripetal

Development of heartlands in Singapore has increasingly created various self-sustaining communities, slowly diminishing the original city center. Using the analogy of a series of gears, rotating and chaining all heartlands today. We strike to create a more comprehensive linkage between distinct localities. 
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