The EnsemBLE

Instructor: Roddy Creeedon
Individual Project, Integrated Studio
University of California, Berkeley
M.Arch Fall 2018

A successful orchestra is not simply made of talented individual musicians but a thoughtfully composed group. This recreational center seeks to manifest the synergy of musical ensemble into a conglomeration of inter-reliant intersecting activity cubes. Symbolically, the cubes rely on each other to create and uphold the whole edifice. Each intersection possesses spatial synergy created by separate events. This center is an analogy and as well as an encouragement to the collaborative efforts played in an orchestra. The whole is greater than sum of the parts.
Two enveloping strategies (Wrapper & Volume) are designed to coincide with the programmatic characteristics.  Programmes with centralised activity zone and periphery circulation such as swimming pool, basketball court, badminton court and rooftop amphitheatre employ a wrapper strategy. Programmes with flexible activity arrangement and organic circulation in space such as multi-purpose activity rooms and gyms will employ volume envelope strategy.

Structure Iteration 1 - concept (left), Structure Iteration 2 - optimization (right)

Structural Tray
Most programmes specified in this recreational center requires a wide span of floor area, hence the structural system will be composed of interlacing and stacking braced steel that acts as structural trays for added rigidity. Through slight offsets and shifts of the trays, natural light and air can penetrate through the gaps to ventilate the internal spaces.

Structural Logic

Building Systems



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