Instructors: Mabel O. Wilson, Jason Campbell
Option Studio, In collaboration with Xiaokang Feng
University of California, Berkeley
M.Arch Spring 2018

After an epidemic protest that broke out in Hong Kong 2014 also known as the umbrella movement, questions were raised on the impact of citizens media in mobilizing such large-scale movement. Through thorough investigation on timely published contents throughout the first 10 days after movement broke out, the co-relations between the time of major protests break-outs and provocation of citizens media to conjure up a group of protesters seems convincing. In contrast, news published by the state did got go as viral in the sea of social media. Perhaps the clue lies in the discrepancies in media authenticity provided between state and citizens. Chronoscape modeling and analysis was a tool to visualize these abstract physically invisible virtual data, unveiling embedded social patterns and spatial tensions.
​​​​​​​The new ambition
This project proposes to find a stage/ platform for vocalization of citizens political thoughts within the complexity of Hong Kong’s multi-layered urban fabric in the form of a scaffolding drop bridge. Hong Kong city possess one of the most sophisticated elevated & underground walkways to connect public and privatized city blocks. Intrinsically, these infrastructures enable subtle relationships between bodies being surveyed and concealed. By remodeling and utilizing existing over-ground bridges and under-ground walkways on selected sites surrounding key government institutions, it could potentially reverse the power back to the citizens to re-occupy space on the ground. This intervention at its maximum deployment will disrupt the infrastructural flow of the city, hence calling upon the attention of the state to address impending issues raised by the people.
The over-ground bridge is designed to drop and raise depending on the weight of citizens or political agreement/ disagreement metaphorically. This is achieved through a series of manipulatable steel scaffolding to house stage, seating, resting corners, study areas and many more at it’s maximum deployment. It is a bricolage, to unlimited configurations of add-ons, individualized prosthetic to support the ecosystem of future protests.
Scaffolding drop bridge represents a framework for unfinished ambitions.

Drop bridge deployed during protests

Drop bridge deployed during protests (on bridge)

Drop bridge serving as overhead connector, post protest

​​​​​​​Proposed insertion of drop bridge
(Hong Kong Central, Umbrella Movement 2014 site)

Key Governement Instituitions (Red)
Protests Enabler Over-ground bridge (white) and underground linkway (yellow)

Design Handbook for Over-ground bridge deployment

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